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If one of the main priorities you have is security, then you have come to the right place. This dedicated page offers practical tips on various topics related to door locksets, keys and other security devices. With the guidance and advice in the locksmith field which you obtain here, you can have perfect security.

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Secure the whole home perimeter

Securing all entry points of the house is the least one can do to enhance security. Although window and security door locks must be extremely durable since these are responsible for keeping intruders out, our technicians suggest good security in the perimeter. It will discourage burglars from even approaching your house.

Don't trust anyone with your keys

Think of how many house keys you have given to friends and relatives! If you have lost count, it's better to rekey the door locks and get yourself new keys. You can never be sure to whose hands your keys will end up. Keys given to friends might be lost without your knowledge. So, it's time for lock rekey.

Troubleshoot a frozen lock using a deicer

Apply a sufficient amount of it into the keyway and on the face of the lock. Rub the lock gently to get the desired result more quickly. Then apply a bit of the deicer on the key blade and insert it gently inside the lock. Turn the key carefully without applying too much pressure on the bow. If you can’t unlock the door, reapply a bit more of the deicer following the same steps.

Install extra locks

If you think that your current set of locks are not providing adequate security to your home, then you can always pair them up with extra locks. For instance, adding bolts at the top or bottom of the door that already has a lock can significantly improve the security of your home. You could also consider installing door chains and night latches in an attempt to keep intruders and burglars away.

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