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We understand the hysteria when you lost your keys. To learn how to address this situation and others, please read the frequently asked questions listed below.

Our Company Is a Residential Lock Repair and Installation Specialist

Are there differences among locks?

There are certainly differences among locks designed for doors or windows. There are variations among brands and mostly in terms of durability, quality and resistance. There are mortice locks, deadbolts, knob locks, digital, biometric and other locks and they are all installed and work in different ways. Ask our technicians for more information if you want to replace your door locks.

Do we need safes at home?

Since everyone keeps some valuables at home, safe installation is always a good idea. Valuables are not always in the form of jewelry or money. With laptops, cells and plasma televisions in every home today, burglars will have a choice, but you can keep valuable documents about your family in the safe and you will also slow down intruders.

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